Come and learn how to shoot at Cambridge Gun Club. We are able to offer tuition for complete beginners to experienced shooters from our friendly & skilled instructors.

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Taster Sessions (For Beginners)

These tuition sessions are perfect for beginners. Taster sessions allow people who fancy taking up Clay Shooting to “try it out” before committing to purchasing equipment. Taster sessions are also brilliant if you are just looking to cross something off your bucket list!! We supply everything you will need for your Clay Shooting experience, which can be booked on either  a 1-1 basis, or in groups.

The cost of the session includes moving clay targets, cartridges, gun hire & all equipment. One of our brilliant instructors will get you all set up and then you will head out onto the range to break some clays!!

Anyone from age 10 years + can come for one of our Taster Sessions. (For children, we do need to ensure they have enough upper body strength to hold the gun safely – but please remember that we will use an appropriately sized gun!) Bookings are required in advance to ensure that we have one of our instructors available for you. These tuition sessions can be booked for either a weekday or a weekend so please contact us to get booked in. We look forward to seeing you!

For more information about all of our “Have A Go” sessions and for prices, please see here

Hourly Lessons (Previous Shooting Experience)

Hourly lessons teach participants a “method” to hitting targets which they can then apply following the lesson during practice sessions.

Hourly lessons also cover gun fit & eye dominance checks.

Tuition sessions may be booked on either a weekday or a weekend. Bookings must be made in advance to ensure instructor availability. Please get in touch with us to arrange your tuition session.



Please note that the below prices are for tuition only and DO NOT include the cost of clays/cartridges.

Clay Tuition Price Chart


“We had our first lesson with Mike. His whole demeanour and approach to teaching us was absolutely brilliant. Very easy going and kept my son relaxed whilst getting him on track to hitting clays. Great venue too.”

“Kevin gave us a great lesson. Highly addictive and lots of fun. Great facility”

“I had an 1.5 hour tuition session after speaking with Mick about gun fit. It turned out that my stock was to long and my left eye was taking over my right master eye. This was fixed by a spot on my glasses and my head on the stock in the correct place. I can say that all the help from Mick and Mike my instructor was well worth it. Scores have improved and my shooting is better. I have always found all the staff more then helpful and the ground is a pleasure to shoot at.” – Robin

Helpful information for beginners

If you are considering clay shooting as a sport or hobby, we can offer guidance from the very beginning. As per all sports, starting out can be a bit daunting, but at Cambridge GC we are happy to offer as much assistance as you require from simply applying for a licence to purchasing your first gun. Our experienced staff are always on hand if you have any questions, so please feel free to ask.

If clay shooting is just a consideration at this point, we offer “have a go” sessions on any of our practice days. Our “taster” sessions are a low cost option for having a go at clay shooting, before committing to purchasing equipment for the sport. “Taster” sessions offer 25 shots at moving clay targets and we provide all the equipment required for the session on the day. Sessions must be pre-booked to ensure we have an instructor available, but can be booked on an individual basis (one to one) or in groups. The session will give you an introduction into gun safety, gun handling and “hitting” targets.

If you have already had a clay shooting experience or a “taster” session with us, and you are serious about taking up the sport, we would recommend a clay shooting “lesson”. Our lessons are more structured than “taster” sessions and include more detailed aspects of clay shooting including eye dominance and gun fit, gun handling/safety, shooting etiquette and a “method” to hit targets. The “method” taught is something you can work with initially and then develop to your own shooting style. Again, lessons will need to be pre-booked.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.



Ready to start taking up Clay Shooting as a hobby? Here’s a guide as to what you’ll need!

As with all sports, there are large choices of equipment that you may or may not need. We have given a brief list of equipment as guidance :

  • Ear Defenders – A definite. You must wear ear protection at all times when shooting or spectating.
  • Safety Glasses – Again, a definite, as above.

Ear defenders and safety glasses are the 2 most important items to purchase. There are many different types of hearing protection from conventional muffs to moulded ear plugs. Prices vary, but you may want to consider what is comfortable for you first, and then go from there.

  • Caps – Baseball type caps, or some form of hat can be beneficial to protect your head from any falling debris at clay grounds, which can happen, and so is advisable.
  • Skeet Vest – these are very convenient for clay shooters. Vests usually have large front pockets to hold cartridges. Some also have an option of adding a pad at the shoulder to help recoil which some people may find beneficial.   They come in many different colours and styles, and many makes. A good quality skeet vest will last many years. Shooting coats perform the same function as a skeet vest but obviously are warmer for our colder seasons !!
  • Gun Slip – If you have decided to purchase a shotgun, it is good practice to carry your gun in a gun slip when at a shooting ground. They obviously give a certain amount of protection to your gun. Gun slips again come in a variety of styles. Most will have either a shoulder carry strap or carry handles or sometimes both. Gun slips will also come with a variety of linings, fastening methods (zips/buckle & strap), colours, sizes and different levels of protection.
  • Bag – Referred to as various things such as Range Bag, Cartridge Carrier, Cartridge Bag; bags are again very convenient. They vary in size, colour, make, design and quality. It is a personal choice on the type of bag you prefer, but consideration should be given to what you will need to put in it, and whether you prefer a carry handle, shoulder strap or both.
  • Gun cleaning – If you intend to purchase your own gun, gun cleaning equipment is essential. We can offer full assistance with items you will need, to take care of your gun. We will also give you a demonstration on gun cleaning if you purchase a gun from us, if you require this. Key items will be a cleaning rod and brush, patches (or cloth), a liquid or spray gun cleaner, gun grease and gun oil. There are many products on the market for cleaning, but the main thing is to use products purposely designed for gun cleaning.

We hope this list is useful. We stock all the equipment you will need for clay shooting, and are happy to offer any advice or assistance you may need in choosing equipment.