Practical Range


Using The Range:

You must have a UKPSA Competition License OR NRA Card With “Target Shotgun” Listed OR one of our CGC Practical Safe Shooters Cards.

Please note that the CGC Practical SSC is NOT the same as the SSC for our full bore rifle range and is a completely different assessment & card.

You MUST pre-book the Practical Shotgun Range. Please use the calendar below to do so, providing you have the above documentation.

You MUST only use fibre wad cartridges on the Practical Shotgun Range

There MUST be 2 people on the range at all times.



£10 Per Person, Per Hour.

As an introductory offer, those who are full members of our 100yd Rifle Range may currently use the Practical Shotgun Range FOC.

100 YARD (3)


If there has been a lot of rain, the ground will of course be wet. We currently encourage wearing wellies for the practical range.

Should the weather get cold enough that the banks are frozen, .22’s will not be permitted for use on the range’s for safety reasons. Shotguns will still be fine to use. If you need to check before attending your booking, if you only have .22’s to use, please give us a call and we shall confirm.

CGC Practical Safe Shooters Card:

If you do not already hold a UKPSA Competition License or have “Target shotgun” on your NRA SSC, you will need to do the CGC Practical Safe Shooters Assessment.

Practical Safe Shooters Assessments are charged at £40.00 for the assessment & you will receive a Practical Safe Shooters Card upon passing. This cost includes a box of cartridges which you will need for the assessment.

If the assessor feels the shooter has not reached the required standards, a re-assessment may be required. Should this happen, the cost is £40.00 for a re-assessment with additional guidance given.

You MUST pre-book to do a CGC Practical SSC. Please contact us to do so by calling 01353 648 004 or emailing

Have A Go At Practical Shotgun:

If you are interested in trying Practical Shotgun, we do offer a session to suit you.

For information on this taster session, please see the “Have A Go” page of our website.

You MUST pre-book this. Please contact us to do so by calling 01353 648 004 or emailing