Rifle Membership


Full Membership

  • Full membership for our Rifle Range is available if you are an FAC holder who also possesses an NRA SSC. (If you do not currently have an NRA SSC but wish to be come a member with us, please get in touch as you are still able to become a member, following an assessment).


  • Full membership runs 1 year from the date you take out your membership. The cost is £300 for the year of membership, which gives you free range usage. Standard rate is £30/90 minutes lane booking.


  • Members may shoot on either the 50 or the 100 yard ranges with no lane fees, once the annual membership has been paid. There are no time caps and this applies to both weekday and/or weekend bookings.


  • Members who possess an NRA SSC may attend Barton Road on our allocated dates. (Members will be sent an email notifying them of these dates once they are confirmed). We do require you to complete a long range assessment before you can attend long range shoots, there is no fee for this


  • Introductory offer: Members may currently shoot on the practical range (providing you have the correct guns/equipment/qualifications to do so) for free, once the annual membership has been paid. Please note that this is an introductory offer.


A passport style photo (clear image of face) will be required, sent via email to info@cambridgegunclub.co.uk, for your membership card.


Please click on the below link to download our Full Membership Application Form.


Rifle Range – Full Membership Application Form

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