Home Office Approved : CFP 10 1/7/4/1/2/1/2/3


Course Overview

MODULE 1      Safety and Intro to Target Shooting, including Safe Handling and Range Safety Regulations; .22 Gallery Rifle shoot at 25 yds or 5.56/308 shoot at 100 yds.

MODULE 2      Marksmanship Principles; MOA, intro to sighting systems; basic firearm cleaning and maintenance; Fullbore shoot at 100 yds.

MODULE 3      Full-bore shooting at 100 yds and zeroing to 300/600/1000 yds with Iron sight (TR and Historic) and scoped rifles (bolt action and straight pull); basic positional techniques.

MODULE 4      Target marking/butts duties; Range booking procedure.

MODULE 5      Gallery Rifle, revision and assessments for Shooter Certification Cards (SCCs). Competitive shooting events; specialist “Introduction To…” courses and Club/Association leads.


Course Summary

The course is aimed to provide a comprehensive introduction to shooting which will include safety and range shooting.   Our Training Course will be held over 4 days.

Module 1                     1 Day

Module 2                     1 Day

Module 3                     1 Day

Modules 4 & 5            1 Day



Module 1         £95.00

Module 2         £95.00

Module 3         £95.00

Module 4 & 5  £95.00


Costs include all tuition, targetry, ammunition, rifle hire and ancillary equipment and refreshments. (Lunch is not included in the course fees, but food is available on site as you may be aware).  Start and finish times for the Modules shall be confirmed at booking stage.

The Module fee shall be required in advance of the Module Date booked. We shall be able to refund the Module fee if you give us a minimum of 5 working days notice by e-mail.  Please use info@cambridgegunclub.co.uk for all communications regarding the Rifle Range.  We shall not be able to offer a refund of the Module Fee if you do not attend on the day, or if you provided less than 5 days written (e-mail) notice of cancellation.

On completion of all 5 modules (and “passing” the assessment), you shall receive an NRA Shooter Certification Card.  You shall be required to provide 2 passport sized photos on completion of the course.  Your NRA SCC shall be sent directly to you, to the address shown on your membership application form. (On applying for a Firearms Certificate, the form request 4 photos to be submitted, however you shall be able to supply just 3 photos if required).

General Information

To meet Home Office Guidance, new Firearms Certificate applicants must have been a member of a Home Office approved club for a minimum of 3 months and be “sponsored” by a Full member of that club.  We therefore enclose a “Prospective” member application form for you to complete and return to us if you are interested in undertaking our training course and applying for your firearms certificate.  Please note that we are obligated to notify Cambridgeshire Firearms Department of any applications for membership of our Rifle Range Club.  The Firearms Department may contact us if they intend to reject a membership application. We shall notify the Prospective Member if this occurs, although the Firearms Department will not explain the reasons for rejection to us.  Should you wish to query this, you would need to liaise directly with the Firearms Department.


We shall be running the Modules over the coming months on various Saturday’s and Sunday’s and a list of dates shall be published shortly.  Once we receive your “Prospective Membership” application form, we shall contact you to book dates which are convenient for you.

Please note that you must “pass” Module 1 and Module 2 before moving on to Module 3.  Once you have completed and passed Module 3, you can then complete the final day (Module 4 & Module 5).  Please also note that the instructor will assess you on each Module before clearing you to commence the next one.  Should the instructor not pass you off on a particular Module as competent, they may request you re-take the Module, but will explain why.  Should you be required to re-take a Module, this will incur an additional charge of £95 for that Module.



On successful application as a Prospective Member, and on the start of the Training Course (Module 1), we shall enrol you as a “Probationary Member”.  Probationary Membership for people attending the training course will be charged at £50.00 for 6 months.  As a Probationary Member, you shall be able to use the Range in between training module days, but only when accompanied by another Full member of CGCRR, GCRR RCO or Instructor, and only on a one to one basis.    Please liaise directly with the Full member or RCO to arrange lane date & time and also pre-book your lane on the Range.  As a Probationary Member undertaking the Training Course, we have discounted the Probationary Membership annual fee.  We shall also discount our lane fees from £20/hour to £10/hour during your Probationary Period.  Ammunition used shall be charged on the day.

On satisfactory completion of the training course and successful application for a firearms certificate; Probationary Members should then apply to become a “Full” member of CGCRR.  As a full member, you will not require supervision on the Range.  The annual membership fee allows you to use the range whenever it is open, and there are no lane fees once you are a “Full” member.  It is however, recommended that you continue to book your lane on the range to ensure availability.  Please remember, to maintain your Firearms Certificate, you must be attending approved Rifle Club’s.  Clubs are required to notify the Firearms Department of any member not attending in a 12 month period.

Full membership is charged at £300 per year and runs for a 12 month period from the date of joining.  A membership card shall be issued on successful application as a Full member.


What to do next

If you are interested in taking the training course please complete the enclosed “Prospective Member” application form and return it to us.  We shall then be in touch. (Prospective Member forms may be collected from us at reception, or we can e-mail it to you)

We hope the information provided is adequate, but should you have any additional questions at this stage please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01353 648004 or info@cambridgegunclub.co.uk

Yours sincerely

Karen Hodson

CGCRR Secretary




The range is 100 yds full bore range. Calibres .17 HMR through to .308.Above .308 is by prior arrangement only.

The rifle range is now open to FAC holders who ALSO have the following:

Firearms Certificate & recognised Safe Shooters Card or Firearms Certificate & DSC1 Certificate

We must see original documents of the above please, photo copies will not be acceptable.For FAC holders who do not have a Safe Shooters Card or a DSC1, we shall be offering sessions to gain a “Safe Shooters Card” (SSC).
This SSC will enable you to shoot at CGC Rifle Range. (It will not cover you for other rifle ranges, only CGC Rifle Range). Sessions take roughly 30 minutes and cost £30 per person.
When a person gains their SSC through us, they may shoot our rifle range during any of our opening hours.
We do recommend that people book lanes in advance as we may be busy however booking is not essential (please keep in mind that if we are busy, we may not be able to accommodate you).There are a total of 10 lanes. 8 x Benched & 2 x Prone.
Costs for using CGC Rifle Range are as follows:£20 / Hour (lanes are booked in hourly slots)Membership options are available, please speak to a member of staff on your visit for more information. 
The cost of annual membership is £300 (You may shoot as many times as you wish throughout the year with no “cap” on time allowance)
If you do wish to book a lane, please call us on 01353 648004

We will be holding running boar events and these will be advertised independently. (Full details will follow soon)



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We have moved the Cambridgeshire Sporting Championship to Sunday 21st May. Booking must be made in advance.Please call 01353 648004 to book

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