Frequently asked questions


We are open from Wednesday – Saturday (10:00-16:00) and Sunday (10:00-15:00)

Yes, gift vouchers are available and can be bought for any amount. Gift vouchers are valid for 12 months from date of purchase. You can purchase these on site or through our website via the shop page.

Yes we can, and have lots of experience to ensure your event runs smoothly and is great fun! Please visit our corporate page for full details.

Yes, we run a Friday night shoot during the summer months. Please check our online calendar to see when this starts / ends.

Access to the ground is off the B1049 (Twentypence Road), please see our directions page for full details of  “how to find us”

We may offer a limited amount of practice on Registered Sporting Competition days (depending on how many stands are being used for that particular event). Full sporting practice is available if we are holding a Registered DTL competition. If you are thinking of coming to practice when we are holding a Registered Sporting Competition – Please contact us by give us a call beforehand so we can confirm if we have practice available.

We offer 2 options. A “Taster” session, which is for a complete beginner, and is on a “have a go” basis, and secondly we offer “lessons”.  Lessons are far more structured and are for people serious about taking up the sport, or for shooters looking to improve.  Both options (Tasters/Lessons) are with an instructor and need to be pre-booked and pre-paid, please see our tuition page for further details or contact us to book in!

For a CPSA Registered shoot at our ground, you will need to pre-book your place(s). You can call or e-mail us to book in (Please call instead of e-mailing if you are booking at very short notice) . We shall then discuss squad times and availability with you. Please provide your CPSA number when booking in.  If you are not a CPSA member, you can still shoot a Registered event, but will be entered on a T/O (target only) basis, and will be unable to claim any prize money/trophies. Your score will not be shown on the CPSA website, or at Cambridge GC.

Yes you can.  You will need to contact us to book in to the shoot, and you will be entered on a t/o (target only) basis, and will be unable to claim any prize money/trophies.  We can arrange your CPSA membership for you if required either as a Clubman or a Full member, please contact us for details.

We sell a wide range of cartridges from the leading manufacturers including, Hull, Gamebore, Eley Hawk, Fiocchi, RC, Rio and Lyalvale Express.  We sell clay and game loads, and stock 12g, 20g, 28g, 16g and 410.  We can order cartridges from these manufacturers if we don’t have a particular one in stock.  Please remember we must see your shotgun certificate when purchasing cartridges.

Yes you can. We are happy to take orders for Hull, Gamebore, Eley Hawk, Fiocchi, RC, Rio and Lyalvale Express.  If we do not stock your particular cartridge we are able to order them specifically for you.  We can then hold them for you in our customer order section. Orders can be placed by phone or by e-mail.  Please remember we must see your shotgun certificate when collecting cartridges. If you wish to order cartridges, please contact us.

Unfortunately not.  But it is worth checking regularly with us on prices as we often have “special offers” on a certain cartridges.


Yes we do.  We use a local reliable gunsmith.

Yes we do, we have approximately 5 covered sporting layouts.

Either is fine, we have no wad restriction at the ground.

No we don’t allow steel shot cartridges at the ground.

Maximum shot weight is 28 gram and size 6.5.

Only 2 cartridges to be loaded in a semi-auto please – we do not allow 3 shots

Our shooting stands are accessible, and shooting cages are suitable for wheelchairs.  The clubhouse can be accessed by use of a moveable ramp.

Yes, although dogs must be kept on a lead at all times.  Dogs are not allowed in the clubhouse.

Yes.  Please ensure you have ear defenders and safety glasses for your children if they are going out on the ground with you.  (If you forget, please ask at reception for some loan equipment).  Children are also welcome in the clubhouse.

We have a small facility for air rifle shooting.  The air rifle range is outdoor, but the firing point is under cover.  The range is up to 20m long and has a few knock down targets.


Yes you can.  However you must be accompanied by either a member of our staff (instructor) or someone who holds a valid shotgun certificate.  If you would like to have a go at clay target shooting, you can book in with us for a “taster” session or “lesson”.  Please contact us for further details. (You will also need to sign a section 21 disclaimer prior to commencing your session).

There is no minimum age for clay shooting as such.  The main consideration is safety.  The child must have suitable upper body strength to hold a gun safely.  As a guide we would recommend 10 years and over for clay target shooting using a shotgun.  Air rifle shooting may be an option for younger children.

If you have a valid shotgun certificate you can hire a gun from us.  If you do not hold a certificate you are unable to hire guns from us.

Please visit our terms and conditions page for full details.


Yes, non-members are welcome at the ground, you don’t have to be a member to shoot with us.

Visit our Membership page for full details, terms, pricing and to submit your application form.

Membership application forms are also available to collect at the ground or alternatively we can e-mail or post a copy to you.

You are welcome to shoot with us, however you must book in as a non-member.

The main benefit of membership is a reduction in the price of clays.

Members can also receive additional benefits such as cheaper cartridges, percentage discounts on clothing and accessories.

Please visit our shooting ground membership page for full details.